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Home Cleaning Services

We are in the best cleaning service provider provides every category of cleaning services includes –

Regular Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning Service

Regular Cleaning Services covers –

We do regular cleaning daily or weekly basis.  Our experience cleaner maintains a good level of cleanliness around the house. 

Regular cleaning services tasks often cover things like:
  • Vacuuming and mopping the floors
  • Cleaning the restrooms, bathrooms including sinks, toilets, mirror etc.
  • Tidying up
  • Cleaning the kitchen – wiping down work surfaces, cupboard doors, hob etc

Deep Cleaning Services Covers –

This coming under deep cleaning services, usually every 6 months or early basis we offer this services. It covers areas which aren’t traditionally covered by a regular or spring clean.

  • Under the sink
  • Inside the oven including the oven door glass
  • Inside of window frames and patio doors
  • Inside / out of the windows
  • Washing all blinds
  • Full and deep dusting including all the corners of rooms for cobwebs
  • Scale removal from all bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, taps, shower heads etc

Commercial Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning

For Office cleaning services, we provide both Regular and Deep cleaning services includes –

  • Vacuuming floors
  • Organizing the office
  • Cleaning the restrooms, bathroom including sinks, toilets, mirrors etc.
  • Kitchen Store room cleaning
  • Clean interior door and windows.

Special Services

Move in/ Move out Cleaning
For new tenancy period clean up your home with our cleaning service meticulously. Make it spotless. We will take care of your all mess created due to shifting. Cleaning offers move-in and move-out residential cleaning services in the South East London & Kent region. 

After Builders Cleaning
We provide cleaning Windows, window sills, tracks and window frames meticulously. Walls are cleaned. Also light fittings, light shades, toilet roll holders, bents, taps, cupboards inside and out, pantries are added service.