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Carpet cleaning tips

Carpet cleaning

We are the committed in regular cleaning services in Kent, we follow the non-toxic and environmentally friendly cleaning skills required to satisfy the stringent demands of a domestic area. Today we are still firmly committed to cleaning your office as well as home of Southeast London area. We are dedicated to providing cleaning solutions that are safer than traditional cleaning methods and products.

For carpet cleaning we would recommend you some steps –

  • Regular vacuuming cleaning is necessary to keep the carpet clean. Carpet cleaning is different then vacuuming room, sometimes in needs to follow twice or thrice. It should be followed in regular intervals.
  • To keep the stain off the carpet, dab a cotton, clean towel, paper with required cleaning agent solution, just strictly avoid rubbing.
  • May apply club soda, vinegar to clean strain. Let it stay for 15 min and clean with cloth soak it.
  • Shaving cream is a healer for a strain. Just apply it on it, after 30 min with a sponge or wet cloth blot the strain.
  • A solution of dishwasher liquid with water. Spray it all over.

It is very necessary and quite difficult to keep clean carpet like a brand new. Proper cleaning and regularly vacuuming can help you in keeping the carpets clean and make them last for a longer period of time. We are in magicduster provides the best carpet cleaning in Kent.