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Proforma of Commercial Cleaning

commercial cleaning

Cleaning services are vastly categorized into two types. These are – domestic cleaning and commercial cleaning.

Commercial cleaning has a broad meaning here we include anything to everything. From offices, shopping centers to anything cleaning services comes under this. Here in Kent we are especially renowned for our commercial cleaning services. Various types of contract cleaning services are available according to the situation and size of your business.

We offer superior window cleaning service, a flawless dirty smudges-free cleaning is our assurance. We will definitely create an unbelievably sparkled view of the beautiful outdoors.

For offices, we think cleaning carpets regularly is a must. So, we offer deep cleaning. Because we know in comparison to home any offices harbor most of the germs. The shoes can pick the germs and extra dirt. It will be spread with them in the entire premises. With multiple employees in an office taking multiple breaks each day, the carpets and floors can get very dirty, very fast. We offer carpet and regular floor cleaning.

Cleaning the office restroom is a must on our list commonly. As most of the diseases can spread from there. There is a regular cleaning schedule for us. Though we suggest the commercial zones clean restrooms twice or more depending upon the vast number of attendees.

For the kitchen, is important to clean up often. As the target areas and appliances every time people use by touching. Clean the refrigerator out once a week to help keep unwanted odors out of the kitchen or break area.

We are in Southeast London & Kent area, always at your service with our customizable & most affordable cleaning contracts. We recommend scheduling a deep cleaning once a year and more routine cleaning services once every two/three months. In this pandemic, we all are understood the value of proper & scientific sanitization. So, for any of the services you need for your commercial entity, just give a call to Magicduster @ 020 8819 2152 or contact.